Cornish Agates Collected, Cut and Crafted in Cornwall

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Cornish Agate Jewellery and UK Lapidary Services by Infinite Wave

Infinite Wave products are truly Cornish

Cornish Agates are banded agates that formed in Cornwall 240 million years ago and have been collected, sliced, shaped and polished in Cornwall. Each piece of Cornish Agate jewellery is unique, individually designed and hand made, inspired by the delicately patterned banding within the Cornish gemstone to produce exclusive natural Cornish jewellery.

The Infinite Wave Cornish designer jewellery range includes Cornish necklaces, Cornish surf jewellery and Cornish pendants. Bespoke Cornish jewellery is also available.

Geologists Ben Church and Cally Oldershaw are the Cornish Agate specialists

They have spent years exploring remote and difficult to access Cornish beaches searching for the best agates; chosen for their beautiful subtle colours, high polish and durability. Cally and Ben share their geological expertise on beachcombing and agate collecting events in north Cornwall. 

They also offer UK lapidary services including cleaning, slicing and polishing rocks, crystals and mineral specimens for individuals and collectors, and for business premises, shops and museum displays. Uniquely personal gifts can be made from your pebbles or stones giving you memories to cherish.

All Cornish Agates are sourced in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, without using explosives or hammering and are free from treatments including heating, chemical processes and dyes. They may be used for crystal healing and other crystal therapies.