Cornish Agates for Crystal Therapy

No two agates are alike, each is formed over millions of years and has its own unique colours and patterns. Agates are made of one or more varieties of quartz which has a stabilizing and strengthening energy.

Agates with flowing banding are soothing, great for those who are looking for peace and harmony. The more geometric designs with sharp lines and zig-zags can help stimulate action and decision making, helpful to those who can’t get started and need that extra push. 

The more vibrant black Poldark Agate and orange-brown Cornish Caramel help energise, while the cooler colours of Cornish Grey, Cornish Cream and Cornish White have a calming effect. 

Please note that information on healing properties listed is offered as guidance and not to replace treatments for any medical condition. 

Healing Properties of Cornish Agates

Cornish Grey 

These agates have both grey and white attributes that work together to enhance strength, confidence and understanding, while maintaining compassion and wisdom.

Cornish Caramel

Autumnal colours, iron staining and rust, give a sense of history and heritage, helping to understand the past and find closure whilst enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. They are about annual cycles and being in tune with nature and the outdoors. 

Cornish Cream

The delicate flowing bands of cream and white have a gentle feminine energy, encouraging a sense of calm and compassion, serenity, and an appreciation of the nurturing properties of Mother Nature and the Earth energies. 

Cornish Poldark

The strong dark zig-zags of morion quartz within the Cornish Poldark Agate make it a powerful stone with a masculine energy. Exciting and energising.