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Choosing the right Cornish Agate and Infinite Wave Jewellery

You may be drawn to a particular Cornish Agate by its photograph or by seeing and feeling the stone in your hand. Cornish Agates once cut and polished are wonderfully tactile and are hard enough to be carried in your hand, pocket or purse. Worn against your skin they soon warm to match your body temperature. Worn over fabrics, some will be enhanced, changing their appearance depending on the colours that you wear beneath them. 

Cornish Grey

The distinctive white and grey of Cornish Grey Agate offers both the strong, dark colours associated with the mining heritage of Cornwall and the subdued whites reminiscent of the breaking waves of Cornwall’s surfing beaches. 

Cornish Caramel

The caramel golden browns give warmth and are a reminder of the colours of the gorse and heather covered cliffs of Cornwall.

Cornish Cream

The pale creamy yellows and whites bring summer days and Cornish cream teas to mind. A refreshing summer delight.

Cornish Poldark

The dark zig-zag lines are like the underground mines of Cornwall. Deep, dark and exciting. 

Special Limited Editions

These are particularly rare and only a few pieces are available, usually from a single rock or pebble. Check regularly as we update this page when we find exceptional and distinctive new pieces.

Cornish Surf Jewellery
Cornish Surf Jewellery uses grey Cornish agate that conjures up images of the surf captured in stone. The beautiful and durable stone has been collected from surf beaches on the north coast of Cornwall. A great gift for any surfer to wear on the beach or on the street: both cool and classy.

Infinite Wave Jewellery
Our pendants range from slices with a satin finish to highly polished cabochons. Our settings vary from a slice with a hole for a cord to be knotted or 'larks-footed' through, to sterling silver pinch bails and bezel settings. Our bezel settings range from simple to elaborate, with our own designs inspired by the sea.
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